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I have the great privilege of being able to act as a liaison and sales representative for 2 well respected and custom bass companies. If you are looking to design and purchase a custom bass from one of these luthiers, I would work with you from start to finish, helping you to choose your wood combinations, electronics and all of your detailed specifications that you require to fit your needs. The goal is to design something that is uniquely “you”, tailored to your own special sound, or maybe it is for versatility! Whatever it is, I can help you choose and create the custom bass guitar of your dreams with the direct assistance of the luthiers themselves and their years of knowledge and perfection in craftsmanship. We are here for you! Please contact me for any further information at or by calling 301-266-8558

Adamovic Basses

The Adamovic Shop is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Europe. Since 2001, all our custom basses and guitars are hand made here, one by one, with the best woods and the best components available.

On paper it is a one man business owned by luthier Nikola Adamovic but in reality there is a team of bass and guitar players, studio engineers and many others contributing to the company. All the instruments are being developed with continuous feedback from musicians and sound engineers. Every design and feature is tested by professionals before it is added to our option list. This way we can constantly improve our basses and guitars. Seeking perfection is part of the fun!

All Adamovic basses are designed and hand built by Nikola Adamovic.

His passion for making basses started in the 1990’s, with the modifications of his own instruments and later on for others. After reading many guitar building and guitar repair books and customizing several basses, he started to build them from scratch. Soon, people started to get interested in his instruments. The decision was made: Adamovic Basses was founded in 2001.

Looking at the basses available and talking with professional bassists at the time it occurred to Nikola that most people focused on the sound and the looks of a bass, forgetting about one of the most important things: ergonomics. He realized that there was a lot to be improved in bass design. He started experimenting with designs that not only sounded great and looked cool but had improved ergonomics. Now the Adamovic Basses are known for their superb ergonomics as well as their sound quality.

Over the first years Nikola has been developing his skills and shared them with others giving bass building lessons. Also his knowledge of woods and their properties resulted in becoming the “musical woods advisor” and writer of the “wood properties pages” for the Amsterdamsche Fijnhouthandel, the biggest store in the Netherlands that is specialized in exotic woods.

With the growing demand for the Adamovic basses there was no time anymore for all the activities and the focus is now on the building, the thing he loves doing most!

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